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Smash Dude ®


Smash Dude ® is the most awesomest dude on the store! Choose a weapon or create your own, then attack for hilarious interactive stress relief. Add some laughs to your day - Join in the fun with over 3 million users and download now for free!- FUN WEAPONS -• Lightning Bolts - Shock your Smash Dude!• Paintball Gun - Shoot colorful paintballs!• Guns - Pistol, Shotgun and Uzi Gun• Fire - Crank up the heat and make him sweat!• Beat 'em up - Kick your Smash Dude buddy!• Tickle - Rub his belly for gut busting laughter!• Kisses - Give Smash Dude some LOVE!• Nail Gun - Shoot him with nails• + Many more boss weapons!!
- WEAPONS FACTORY -Create your own custom and awesome weapons in the Weapons Factory! Save them for later and use them to beat up your best buddy, Smash Dude! In app purchase required.
It's simply hilarious! Download now!